Just as with humans, walls have stories. The stories of the Domain date back to 1765.

The Fourmont family was the founder of what became the family farmhouse. The family successors allowed the Combe family to take over since 1910, over 5 generations. The Fourmone draws its roots from the Latin word « Fromentum » which means wheat.

The farm changed from its original destiny. The region, the climate and the soil encouraged the farmers to grow vines in Vacqueyras. They remained undisturbed for many years around the winery.
Wheat production remains very linked to the property. That is why we choose the ear of wheat as our emblem for the winery.

The Story of the Domain is also the story of Provence.

Provence is the heat emanating from the courtyard of the winery, the hot stones of the Domain, the limited shade offered by the Virginia creeper, the clink of glasses and the footsteps of those walking on the stones of the gravel paths. It is also the long summer evenings, the first song of the Cicada in June, summer holidays, and the hundred-year-old plane trees sheltering the Domain.
Our wines are the humble witnesses to all these natural characteristics. We protect the olfactory balance of this place with its balance of heat and humidity. This region of Provence is thyme, rosemary, broom and pine fragrances.

Provence is the soil of our vines. It offers the essential raw material for their development: clay-limestone soil, dry wind, warm sun and moderate rain drops on our vine stock.

Provence reveals itself in all its beauty through our wines. Download our booklet >>

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